Work in progress

Drone website is under reconstruction…

Old site tutorials and plugins that are still of any interest will be added back there in time.

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  • Nice article thank you for sharing!

  • wt happend this web site

  • tim

    great site Olivier, can’t wait to see it when it is finished.

  • Well didn’t actually do anything since October, but you should see new pages creeping in up in Tutorials / Plugins / Demos now…

  • jimbo

    please you can reup the tutorial “Lighting flat object” with the reference files
    tank you

  • Sure, didn’t know this could still be of interest, I’ll get to it, will probably be done during the week.

  • ephskot

    I remember running into your lighting flat objects tutorial awhile back and thought it was amazing. There still isn’t a tutorial online that’s like yours. Can you please reup the tutorial or create a new one. Thank You.

  • tim

    Hi Olivier, Great site. I can’t wait until it is up and running. You have very valuable info.
    I downloaded spaceChange a while back but have no documentation. I am trying to compile it but am getting these errors:

    error C2665: MRenderUtil::rayTrace : none of the two overloads could convert all the argument types.

    This is the line in question:

    status = MRenderUtil::rayTrace( rayOrigins, rayDirections, 1, samplePtr, rayDepth, resultColors, resultTransparencies, true);

    and error C2664: MRenderUtil::rayTraceFirstGeometryIntersections : cannot convert parameter 3from ‘int’ to ‘const void*’

    This is the line in question:

    status = MRenderUtil::rayTraceFirstGeometryIntersections( rayOrigins, rayDirections, 1, samplePtr, resultIntersections, resultIntersected);

    Do you think you can help me figure this out?


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